Welcome to Headskimming.co.uk, part of Roberts Fabrications.

Since expanding our machinery list to include milling and turning capabilities, we have been offering cylinder head skimming and welding to customers throughout the South East of England.

Cylinder head skimmingAs news travelled through various car & bike forums, we found there was a call for offering a mail order service where mechanics, owners and enthusiasts could have hassle free, speedy skimming. We searched for a decent local courier who didn't charge a fortune, and have now been offering a postal service for nearly 3 years.

In addition to skimming, we also offer welding, broken stud removal, helicoiling and dye crack testing.

On the motorbike side of things, we have an experienced mechanic with over 20 years experience working as chief mechanic for some of Europe's top racing teams, from 125cc 2 strokes right up to British Super bikes.

We don't believe in ripping people off like some companies do. A basic skim on an aluminium car cylinder head is just £25 + Vat. It doesn't matter if you want 2 thou taken off, or 20 thou, the price is still the same.

Most heads take around 30-40 mins to set up and skim, so you're welcome to arrange a convenient time with us to bring your head down and wait for us to do it. Mail order heads are usually turned around the same day, so if we receive your cylinder head before lunchtime, it can be back with the courier for an overnight delivery.

Take a look round the rest of the site for some more in depth info and feel free to contact us with any questions!